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Are you ready for our biggest release yet? Introducing AgileTest version 1.0.27-AC.
Elevate your ordinary testing flow with the latest AI Technology:
New Features:


Minor Bug Fixes

New Features

AI Test Case Generator via Requirements

1. AI Test Case Generator.gif

When it comes to testing, our slogan is “Simplify Creation, Amplify Optimization“. With this in mind, AgileTest now use the latest AI Technology to help testers quickly making test cases. You can automatically generate detailed test cases based on your project requirements summary and detailed description

AI Test Step Generator

2. Ai Test Step Generator.gif

What is a test case, without the test steps?
Test Steps are automatically generated using test case & requirement summary and description. For the best results, it is crucial to make sure that the summary and description closely align with and adhere to your project goals and tests. 

Custom Dashboard

3. Custom Dashboard.gif

A custom dashboard serves as a powerful tool for testers by providing real-time and necessary data, tailored to their each individual project.

Display test runs, test cases, defects, requirements, ranked metrics or test overview, all built-in and fully customizable for your project workflow. Users can edit and configure and resize each chart data, note that each dashboard can be customizable for each project individually

Reset/Sync functions for modified test cases

To efficiently manage your test runs, any changes made to the integrated test cases, will delay the test run data and notify the users. They can either choose:

Sync: Update the latest data of the test case

4.1 Sync Fucntions.gif

Reset: Restore the original test case state and clear out the test run data

4.2 Reset Functions.gif

Export Precondition

Export Precondition with all rows, selected ones, the non-grouped ones (not grouped in folders) and cleaned HTML elements. 

5. Export Precondition.gif

Cloning Folder including test cases

6. Cloning Folder including Test Case.gif

When dealing with large and complex testing environments, it is necessary to be able to clone test folders. These clones should be include all the test cases and configurations, and AgileTest offers that. Duplicate entire folders, including all test cases, for use in other projects or testing phases.


Search Milestone by name

7. Search Milestone by name.png

Now you can search for specific Milestone using their unique names, with the new search-by-name feature.

Hide all grouped test cases button

8. Hide all grouped test case .png

Hide all grouped test cases (not in folders). This feature helps reduce clutter and focus on the test cases for your project preferences.

Support open Test Executions and Test Sessions in Milestone

9. Support open Test Execution and Test Sessions.png

Now users can view test executions and test sessions details within Milestone feature for better tests tracking.

Improve ‘Move to Folder’ feature

Selectively move test cases into folders with ‘Move to Folder’ button. Users can drag and drop multiple test cases in folders dropdown.

Linked Issue column in Test Plan

11. Linked Issue column in Test Plan.png

Users can enable ‘Linked Issue’ column, viewing linked issues to Test Cases within the Test Plans feature.


Please feel free to bring up any issues or suggestions that you may have, via the support portal.
We are committed to developing the app for our users' best interest.
Your feedback is valuable and appreciated !

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