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Categorized Assets

Assets are categorized into 4 types: Deployable, Pending, Archived and Undeployable

  1. Deployable: These are assets that are currently in use or available for use. They could be assigned to a user or are ready to be assigned.

  2. Pending: Pending assets are those which are not ready for use, maybe because they are awaiting maintenance, repair, or any other updates.

  3. Archived: Assets that are retired or no longer in use are marked as 'Archived.' They are kept for record-keeping and historical tracking purposes.

  4. Undeployable: Undeployable assets are those that cannot be assigned for use. They may be damaged or otherwise unfit for use.

To view assets in a particular category, simply switch between the different types on the Assets screen. The system will list out all the assets categorized under the selected type, giving you a clear and organized view of your assets based on their current status.

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