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Manage Reservations


The Reservations page is the central location where administrators can oversee all reservations within the application, while other users have the ability to manage their own reservations

From the reservations page, you can approve and check out items or decline the reservation.

  • If an admin approve a reserved item, it will mark the item as 'approved' and due for return on the reservation end date. The asset will also be checked out to the loanee, and it can be managed in the Loans page

  • If an admin decline a reservation, the reservation will be marked as 'declined' and the dates will be freed up.

The reservations table is separated into 4 groups In-approval, Declined, Start today and Overdue.


In-approval displays all of your in-approval assets. In this section, you can browse, filter and search assets to checkout or decline

All approved and checked out items will be moved to Loans page, and all declined items will be moved to Declined section


This section keeps all of your declined items. It is useful for admins to check the declined requests with notes.

Admins can also permanently delete items which are no longer needed to track

Start today

You can find all the assets which are expected to checkout today in this section


All assets which are overdue to checkout can be found in this section

Check-Out Priority: 4-hour window

Check-Out Priority ensures an efficient process and equitable treatment for all users.

1. Check-Out Priority:

  • Assets with booking timing within the next 4 hours will receive priority for check-out.

  • Bookings within the 4-hour window can be checked out immediately before or after their scheduled time.

An asset that is able to be checked out as the booking timing is within the 4-hour window

2. Check-Out Timing for Later Bookings:

  • Assets with booking timing beyond 4 hours cannot be checked out immediately.

  • Check-out is allowed when there are exactly 4 hours remaining before the scheduled booking time.

  • For example, if the booking is at 8:00 PM, check-out is permitted from 4:00 PM onwards.

Assets cannot be checked out due to subsequent booking

Booking History

Double-click on an asset in Reservations to see its booking history.

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