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5.2. Manage Licenses

You can manage licenses to keep track of software licenses and their usage within your organization. Managing licenses helps ensure compliance, monitor license inventory, and optimize software asset management

To manage Licenses, select Licenses menu item

The page shows a list of the all licenses.

You can create new ones, search, export, and edit or delete existing one.

Create a new License

Click on Create New button to navigate to Create License.

Fill in all mandatory fields and necessary information and click on Submit button to save

Update or delete a consumable

From the license list, you can click on Edit or Delete button on a license to update and delete it

Checkout a license

Checkout a license to a user or an asset is to assign the license to that user or that asset

Clicking on Checkout button to navigate to Checkout License screen

License Details

Clicking on a License name to navigate to License Details screen

You can find info, seats and checkin/checkout of the selected license

License Info

All the related information of a specific license is shown here

License Seats

In this place, you can manage your license seats by checking in/checking out seats of the license to Assets or Users

Checkin & checkout History

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