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Notification Admins

Manage Notification Admins

Go to Notification Admins section to add/remove users to/from Notification Admins.

Supported Notifications

Notification admins will receive notifications when

  • An asset is checked out

  • An asset is checked in

  • An accessory is checked out

  • An accessory is checked in

  • A license is checked out

  • A license is checked in

  • A consumable is checked out

  • Any license/accessory/consumable/component has reached the minimum quantity

  • An asset is over-due for return

  • An accessory item is over-due for return

  • A license has reached the expiration date

  • A new Asset booking has been submitted

  • Asset booking is overdue for approval

Admin Notification Setting

To enable/disable notifications, access the AdminNotification section in Preferences

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