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Booking Asset

Asset Booking enables you to choose an asset and reserve it for a particular period for a loanee. Upon reserving, the Reservations table will display a record to assist you in monitoring and keep track the booking

Whenever an item is booked, the check-out and reservation calendar will disable the reserved dates. This avoids any possibility of an asset being checked out or booked for a date range that had been reserved previously. Notification alerts are also available when assets are booked.

Only asset which has status in Deployable status type or checked as Requestable can be booked

Asset Booking Menu

Go to the Asset Booking page from AppsAssetIT and find Asset Booking on the left sidebar

Follow the below steps to book an asset

(1) Select an asset in the search asset box

(2) Select a time range which you desire to book that asset in the calendar

(3) Admins can select a loanee in the user search box

(4) In the Time select box, you can adjust date and time range

(5) Enter your notes

(6) Click on Submit button

After asset booking successfully reserved, you can check its status in the Reservations table

Other ways to book assets

You can also book a specific asset when finding it in the Assets list or viewing assets details page

  • In Assets list find the asset you want to book and click on the calendar icon to open the booking age

  • Click Booking tab on the Asset details page

Check-Out Priority: 4-hour window

Check-Out Priority ensures an efficient process and equitable treatment for all users.

1. Check-Out Priority:

  • Assets with booking timing within the next 4 hours will receive priority for check-out.

  • Bookings within the 4-hour window can be checked out immediately before or after their scheduled time.

2. Check-Out Timing for Later Bookings:

  • Assets with booking timing beyond 4 hours cannot be checked out immediately.

  • Check-out is allowed when there are exactly 4 hours remaining before the scheduled booking time.

  • For example, if the booking is at 8:00 PM, check-out is permitted from 4:00 PM onwards.


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