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Preferences is the setting in which you can adjust Checkin/Checkout setting, Themes, Languages, and Notifications.

Checkin/Checkout and Display Setting

Preferences Settings (1).jpg
  1. Auto check out the default Pre-Defined Kit: To allow automatically checking out the Default Predefined Kit to newly activated Jira accounts.

  1. Auto check in all resources: To allow automatic checking in all resources (assets, licenses, etc) from deactivated Jira accounts.

  2. Show status for deployed assets: To enable/disable the deployed status display in the asset list.


Disable the deployed status display


Enable the deploy status display

Notifications Tab

Administrators (including Permission Admins, jira-administrators, and site-admins) will be able to access notification enablers, in which All Users will able to enable/disable email notifications. Notification Admins will also be able/unable to switch the app notification button in this tab.

Email Notification Enabler

In this section, Administrators can grant permission to all users to enable/disable Email Notification Enabler. All users (including Notification Admins) therefore will be allowed to turn on/turn off the email notifications at their disposal.

General Notification

In this section, you will be able to enable/disable the App notifications or Email Notifications that send to you.

Admin Notification

Admin Notification section means for Notification Admins. Switch the buttons to enable/disable App Notification (and Email Notification if allowed).

Please note that the Admin Notification section will only display for Notification Admins.

API Integration

Please refer to the API Integration Guide.

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