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API Integration

API Integration in AssetIT grants administrators advanced control over IT asset management for Jira. This feature allows direct operations via API, centralizes control in the hands of administrators, and ensures controlled access. (via API Documentation)

Managing API Integrations:

Navigate to “Preferences”. In the API Integration tab, you can generate, refresh or delete a new API key.

Each user can only generate 1 API key for a single instance. In case of need a new API key for another instance, please remove the existing one.

Deploying Your API Integration:

  • Step 1: After creating the API key in AssetIT, copy the ID and passcode.

  • Step 2: Navigate to the Authentication section of the API documentation.


Click to the Authentication section

  • Step 3: Click “Try it out” in the Authentication section

  • Step 4: Input the previously copied ID and passcode, then click Execute.

  • Step 5: After executing step 2, the system will provide an Authentication Token as a response.

Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 14.21.42 (1).png
  • Step 6: Copy the token and paste it to the Authorize button or any locker icon as per your reference.

  • Step 7: It's crucial to prepend the token with "JWT " (including a space after JWT) to activate its functionality properly. Click Authorize to finish.


Exclusive Admin Rights: Only administrators have the authority to create and manage API integrations.

Best Practices:

  • Ensure secure handling and storage of API keys.

  • Regularly review API usage and permissions for optimal security.

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