A FieldSet is a group of Custom Fields, FieldSets are assigned at the Asset Model level.

For example, you want to track your phone Assets. You could create custom fields “IMEI“, “SIM“, “OS“, etc which are not covered by default.

You would then assign all of those mobile phone related fields to a new “Mobile Phones“ FieldSet, and use it for your mobile phone asset models (iPhone, feature phones, Android phone, etc)

In order to manage FieldSets, go to SettingsCustom Fields.

Here you can see a list of all the FieldSets. You can create new ones, search, export, and edit or delete existing ones

Create a new FieldSet

Click on New FieldSet to go to New FieldSet screen

Step 1:

Input FieldSet name, then click on Submit

Step 2:

Select defined Custom Fields for your new FieldSet by drag & drop fields between two columns.

You can mark a specific field Required, that means that field is mandatory.

Then click on Save to complete your creation.

Update or delete a FieldSet

From the FieldSet list, you can click on Edit or Delete button on a FieldSet to update and delete it.