The Loans page provides administrators with a comprehensive overview of all assets that have been checked out. From this page, administrators have the ability to manage, search for, and check-in specific assets that have been loaned out.

Checkout types

There are 2 types of checkouts: Direct and Booking

  • A direct checkout asset is an item that has been loaned out and checked out directly, without going through a reservations or approval process

  • A booked asset refers to an item that has been approved and checked out through the Reservations page as a loaned item

Loan sections

Within the loans table, you have the ability to easily navigate and browse checked out assets by accessing the All Loans, Due Today, and Overdue sections

  • All Loans section displays all the checked out assets.

  • Due Today section shows all assets that are scheduled to be checked in on the current day.

  • Overdue section list out all assets which are overdue to checkin.