AssetIT notifications provide you relevant and timely updates/changes of asset assignment, accessory minimum quantity, asset booking, etc.

You can show all of your notifications by clicking on Notifications item in the left sidebar. Clicking on each notification will navigate you to a detailed information page.

Notification admins

Manage Notification Admins

Go to Notification Admins section to add/remove notification admins

Supported Notifications

Notification admins will receive notifications when

  • An asset is checked out

  • An asset is checked in

  • An accessory is checked out

  • An accessory is checked in

  • A license is checked out

  • A license is checked in

  • A consumable is checked out

  • Any license/accessory/consumable/component has reached minimum quantity

  • An asset is over-due for return

  • An accessory item is over-due for return

  • A license has reached the expiration date

  • A new Asset booking has been submitted

  • Asset booking is overdue to approve

Normal Users

All users will receive notification when

  • An asset/accessory/license/consumable/component is checked out/assigned to that user

  • An asset/accessory/license/consumable/component is checked in/unassigned from that user

  • A booking asset has been approved or declined