FlashTest app on Jira Cloud supports both Team Managed Project (Nextgen project) and Company Managed Project (Classic project)

FlashTest Issue types

FlashTest will need 5 new issue types (with the exact name) in order to work:

  • Flash Precondition

  • Flash TestCase

  • Flash TestSet

  • Flash TestPlan

  • Flash TestExecution

Open FlashTest for your project

To use FlashTest for your project:

  • Open FlashTest app from Apps menu, then access your project from there

  • Open FlashTest app from left sidebar after opening your project

Company Managed Project (Classic Project)

For Company Managed Project, FlashTest offers you two ways to setup. Setting up automatically is recommended.

Setup automatically

FlashTest will create new issue types for you and link it correctly.

Setup manually

Once it is done, refresh the page and FlashTest should be ready to go.

Team Managed Project (Nextgen Project)

Due to limitation of Team Managed Project, the app won’t be able to setup your project automatically.

Setup manually

  • Create custom issue types in #FlashTest Issue types. They need to be the exact same name, case sensitive. Skip if the Jira instance already has them. Guide: Setup issue types in Team Managed Project.

  • Go to FlashTest project page, Issue Types Mapping tab.

  • Map the relevant issue types to FlashTest issue types then click Save.