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Board items

Supported board items

Lean Board has many board items that you can use to visualize and organize your ideas and plans or to make your meetings become more productive and effective.

  1. Text
    Create a card that similar to a sticky, and to serve similar purposes.

    Text item

  2. Label
    Similar to text, but without a background. This item can help you mark or name your board items.

    Label item

  3. Image
    You can use this to upload an image from your computer and create an image card.

    Image item

  4. Video
    Search and embed a Youtube video into your board to make it more lively.

    Video item

  5. Checklist
    Get a list of tasks to do? This item can help you organize and monitor those tasks.

    Checklist item

  6. Drawing pad
    Visualize your ideas with our freely drawing tools.

    Drawing pad item

    Drawing pad

  7. Persona
    Provide a better insight on your subjects of interest, specify their needs and goals, behaviors,… for your analysis process.

    Persona item

    Persona editor

  8. Connector
    Connect your items that are related for a more organized board.


Along with these board items are various format tools for each type like changing color, flexible text size, change text alignment, etc. which will help you organize and express your ideas, meetings much easier.

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