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Confluence 1.3.2-AC

We are thrilled to announce the release of LeanBoard for Confluence Version 1.3.2-AC Cloud, packed with exciting new features designed to elevate your collaboration and creativity.

New Feature: Expanded Board Creation Options

With this update, you can now choose between LeanBoard's structured templates or an Infinite Whiteboard, allowing you to draw and organize your ideas with ease. Whether you prefer the organization of pre-defined templates or the creative freedom of an infinite canvas, this feature caters to your diverse needs.

Board Creation Options.png

Board Creation Options

1. Whiteboard

An Unlimited Infinite Whiteboard without constraints, perfect for brainstorming, mind mapping, and free-form drawing. The Whiteboard provides an infinite canvas for your creative ideas.

  • Draw Freely: Enjoy the freedom to draw, sketch, and jot down notes without any limitations, making it easier to visualize complex concepts.

  • Shape Support: Enhance your diagrams and illustrations with a variety of shapes, ensuring your presentations are both clear and professional.


Infinite Whiteboard

2. LeanBoard

A structured board that allows you to organize your content efficiently by columns or rows. LeanBoard is ideal for project management, task tracking, and workflow organization. It offers a clear and systematic approach to visualizing your data.



These new features are designed to enhance your collaborative efforts, making LeanBoard for Confluence an even more powerful tool for teams and individuals alike. Whether you need the structure of LeanBoard or the freedom of an Infinite Whiteboard, our latest release has you covered.

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