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Context Menu

By right-clicking on your working canvas, a Context Menu will show up and provide a list of actions you can make to the page or components.

The Context Menu

This list includes:

  • Copy

  • Cut

  • Paste

  • Paste here

  • Save

  • Save as image

  • Undo

  • Redo

  • Reset view

  • Select all

  • Duplicate

  • Delete

  • Group

  • Ungroup

  • Save as component

  • Send backwards

  • Send to back

  • Bring forwards

  • Bring to front

More about the Save as Component option

This feature allows you to save your previous desired design as a component so you can reuse it later or in another design without having to create it from scratch.

Choose Save as Component

Input component name

Then, you can locate the Custom tab in the UI Element menu to find your newly saved component.

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