Search for diagrams, and add them to the page

The Diagrams library includes a wide range of designed diagrams, from simple shapes to complex user interfaces.

Browse Network Library

To browse the network library, navigating to the Left Sidebar and click on Diagrams tab. The tab will be highlighted, and open the Diagrams panel.

As you scroll down, you will see the the Network set grouped into Categories. These categories are collapsible, and by clicking on category name, you can hide or show that section

  • Or you can click X button to deselect

Filter Categories

You can also filter categories to only show desired ones, by clicking on Filter icon next to the search box.

  • Tick to show/hide elements:

Search Diagrams

To search diagrams, use the search box at the top of the Diagram panel. Search will show the results of all the filtered categories

Add Diagrams to a Page

From Diagrams panel, dragging an network to a desired location of a page to add that Network.

(1) Click on these arrows to create diagram

(2) Drag and drop border line to zoom in/out

Dragging an element to a desired location of a page to add that Element.

General format, style and color

All objects can be styled and customized in Format panel. The panel will be shown up as soon as you select an object.

Format panel

Clicking on any object to show the Format panel in the left side. It will be hidden when you click to outside objects.

  • Change colour, line , stroke dash/width

  • Drag to change opacity

  • Shadow position : None/All/Top/Right/Bottom/Left/Custom

  • Click on -/+ to zoomin/out canvas

  • Click on

    to show keyboard shortcuts:

Size, Position, Rotate and Flip

These controls are grouped in the Transform section of the Format panel, each of them can be performed both in the panel or on the page.

Size and Scale

On the page, use the resize/scale handles to change the size of the selected object.

In the format panel, use width, height and scale inputs for precise value, and use the arrow buttons to adjust these values incrementally.



On the page, select an object and click on the rotate handle at the top of the object, then drag the handle to rotate.

In the Format panel, enter the degree value in the Rotate input filed. You can change the value by using arrow buttons.

or Press and rotate to to a desired location


On the page, select an object and drag it a desired position.

In the Format panel, set the object’s position by entering exact x, y in the input fields. You can also use the arrow buttons to change the coordinates incrementally.


You can flip an object both horizontally and vertically.

On the page, use resize handle and drag it across the centerline of that object to resize and flip. It is possible for both horizontal and vertical flip.

In the Format panel, simple click on horizontal flip or vertical flip to flip the selected object

Background, border, stroke dash/width and shadow


To fill background color of an object, go to Background section and click on Color to open the Color picker


From the color picker, you can:

  • Select your desired color

  • Enter a hex value for a color

  • Adjust RBG values

  • Adjust the color opacity

You can also change the object opacity directly by using Opacity slider or enter opacity percentage value in the Background section.


Go to border section to update border width, color and corner radius.


Change conner radius by entering value in the Corner Radius input field. You can also use the arrow buttons to change the value incrementally.



Go to shadow section to add shadow to your selected object

There are 5 options to choose in the position drop down list

  • All - Add shadow to all the edges

  • Top - Add shadow to the top edge

  • Bottom - Add shadow to the bottom edge

  • Left - Add shadow to the left edge

  • Right - Add shadow to the right edge