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Help Menu

We added a Help Menu to Mocky so you can access and get support at any time you need. Besides, you are also free from opening a new tab or switching to a new browser just to get help.

You can find this Help Menu by locating the (question) icon on the top right, next to the “Revision History” feature.

In this Help Menu, you will find:

  • Keyboard shortcuts: Show you a popup with instructions for using the Mocky’s hotkeys to quickly operate the app.

  • User guide: Quick access to Mocky’s user guide in case you want to know more about a specific feature.

  • Blogs: You can quickly access Mocky’s blogs and learn more about the world of wireframing, diagramming, and more.

  • Videos: Quickly take you to our YouTube Channel for Mocky videos.

  • Contact support: If you are encountering an issue or want to make a request, you can access our Support Desk for Confluence (or for Jira) and send us a support ticket.

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