Upload for images , and add them to the page

Add images to your design files to incorporate photography, screenshots, or other visual assets in your designs.

Browse Element Library

To browse the images library, navigating to the Left Sidebar and click on Images tab. The tab will be highlighted, and open the Images panel.

Upload images

From images panel , click on upload image button

A dialog appear when you click on upload button:

  • JPEG,PNG, WEBP files are allowed

  1. Click or drag and drop to upload files

  2. Double click to change your file name

  3. Click on save button to upload

  1. Edit file

  2. Delete file

  • Hover mouse on it to show large image

Search images

Ctrl/Cmd + K to directly switch to the search box or click on search box

Add Images to a Page

From Images panel, dragging an image to a desired location of a page to add that Image.