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Page Content

Mocky page content refers to the visual and interactive elements that make up a specific page or screen design within the project. It consists of all the graphical components, text, images, icons, buttons, forms, and other visual elements that are placed and arranged on a page to create the desired layout and user interface.

At the top of the page content, you can find the Page toolbar with several control buttons

  • Undo: to revert or undo their most recent action or series of actions

  • Redo: the redo function is the opposite of "undo." Once an action has been undone, the redo command enables users to replay or reapply the action that was previously undone.

  • Free drawing: the tool that allows you to create or draw custom shapes, lines, or illustrations freely using a freehand drawing approach.

  • Reset view: to reset the page content to its original position and zoom level

  • Move canvas: you can use this feature to move the page content around using your mouse

Zoom in and zoom out

You can zoom in or zoom out a specific page content by:

  • Using touchpad gestures or the mouse scroll wheel.

  • Using the zoom tool in the right bottom corner of the page content

Shortcut keys

Mocky offers a wide range of shortcuts, making it easier and more convenient for you to manipulate components and your page contents

A list of short keys is available in the top right corner of the Page Toolbar

Clicking on the (question) icon will display a list of supported shortcut keys

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