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Page Settings

Page settings refer to the configurable options and parameters that can be adjusted for individual pages within a specific project. These settings allow you to customize and fine-tune the behavior, appearance, and functionality of specific pages to meet your requirements

1. Page Types

Mocky supports a wide range of page types. By default, the page type is set to Auto scale, which is suitable for non-fixed page sizes. This allows you the flexibility to design your page without constraints on specific dimensions

2. Other settings

  • Custom page width and height.

  • Auto sync: enable this setting to automatically synchronize the selected page with the associated Confluence Macro pages or Jira issues.

  • Show object alignments: check to show alignment lines between Mocky components.

  • Show grid: check to show gridlines.

  • Gridline color: set the gridline color.

  • Gridline cell size: adjust gridline cell size.

  • Background color: set the page background color.

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