What is a Mocky used for ?

Mocky is a collaborative web application for interface design, with additional online features . No need to switch apps, move around different platforms and Jira/Confluence. You can manage the designs in project managed by Mocky or directly draw in Jira issue. The feature set of Mocky focuses on user interface and user experience design, utilising a variety of vector graphics editor and prototyping tools. It is a web application to create ideas, visualize requirements, draw and sketch wireframes, mockups, prototypes, diagrams & flowcharts for any applications.


Mocky project is the first-level management to start working with the tool. A project contains folders and pages.

  • You can install Mocky on Marketplace

  • To access Mocky projects list go to AppsMocky App

The projects list show

  • My projects: projects created by current user

  • Public projects: projects those are open to everyone

  • Private projects: projects are visible to the creators and Confluence admins only

  • Shared with me: private project are shared with you

Create Project

  • Enter project name and choose project type and click Save button, after creating you will be redirected to the project page to work on the project.


  • Search your project or other projects

Sort project

Project Name: Sort projects in descending/ascending alphabet.

Last Time Updated : Sort newest or oldest updated.


  • Click on the bell icon to show notification

Edit and delete project

Owner of the project or Confluence admins can edit or delete project.

Click on three dots button to edit/delete project: