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This December, we’re excited to announce a new feature in this release of Routemap for Jira Cloud.

Let’s welcome, our new Releases Kanban Roadmap along with other bug fixes.

New features

Routemap’s new feature: Release Kanban Roadmap. Users can now start their projects on a Kanban roadmap and manage their work as visually as possible.

Bug fixes

Apart from new features, we also brought many bug fixes to this version to enhance your experience:

  • Fixed an issue with the Isolated roadmap using the Jira date.

  • Fixed the issue where users are unable to delete lanes in the isolated roadmap.

  • Fixed a bug that made users unable to move the container when it was on the start date of the roadmap.

  • Fixed the issue with unable to create the issue link.

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to delete lanes after moving containers.

  • Fixed a bug where users are unable to update and sync data in the prioritization feature.

  • fixed the issue with unable to use the Status Dropdown in another language.

We hope you enjoy this new release version as well as Routemap. Our team is working hard to provide a solution to satisfy your needs.

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