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In this version, we proudly present new features and improvements coming to Routemap for Jira Cloud.

New features

Filter data on Issues timeline & Releases Kanban

You can now filter data in features such as Issues Timeline and Releases Kanban for effective project management.


Right menu for viewing score in the Priority Matrix

Users can now see the prioritization score of each issue on the right menu while using the Priority Matrix feature.


Toggle expand swimlanes on Releases Kanban

In this new version, Routemap users can expand or collapse swimlanes on Releases Kanban for better task visualization.

Edit the progression in the Edit bar dialog

Routemap now allows users to easily edit the bar progress right in the Edit bar dialog.



Besides new features, we also brought more improvements to Routemap to enhance your experience:

  • We improved the UI on the right menu.

  • We customized the scrollbar in-app for Windows OS.

  • Enhanced JQL search and quick filter.

  • We improved the populating function.

Bug fixes

Last but not least, we also fixed some known bugs to keep the app running smoothly:

  • Fixed the issue that Routemap didn’t display the selection popup when a user executes the release function

  • Fixed a bug found in the related basic search on the matrix page.

  • Fixed the issue where Releases Kanban couldn't load for Jira admin in private mode.

And that’s everything in this new version of Routemap 1.5.9-AC. If you have any questions, please contact us via the Support Desk.

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