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We’re excited to announce that a new version of Routemap for Jira Data Center has been released. In this release, we proudly bring new features and improvements to streamline your workflow.

New features

Firstly, you can now filter data in the Issues timeline, Priority table, Priority matrix, and Releases kanban.


In this new version, we added a Menu panel on the right to show the point in the Priority matrix.


Additionally, users can now toggle to expand or collapse swimlanes in the Releases kanban.

We also added a Progress field to the Plan Issue Modal & enabled the Progress editing ability in the Edit bar dialog.


Finally, in this new version, you'll have the option to insert swimlanes above/below and insert columns left/right on the Kanban board.


In this new version of Routemap for Jira Data Center, we also brought in great improvements to the app:

  • Updated the UI/UX for a better user experience

  • Improved the UI for the right menu, JQL search box, and quick filter.

  • Populating function improvements.

  • Improved the expansion of lines for the lane in the Issues Timeline & Releases Timeline pages.

  • Customizable the scrollbar on Windows OS.

  • Enhanced the UI for selecting data modal when planning new issues on the fields mapping board.

  • Added an indication of which roadmaps the issue is on the Right Panel.

  • Open a ticket in view mode instead of edit mode.

Bug fixes

Last but not least, we also fixed some known bugs that can affect your experience:

  • Solved an issue displaying the dates of bars wrong when the user enabled the project field mapping function with the date time picker.

  • Fixed an issue that didn’t display the selection popup when the user executed the release function.

  • Fixed a bug where the release/delete function for versions worked incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue displaying the wrong position of bars when users execute the export image.

  • Fixed a bug relating to basic search on the matrix page.

  • The releases Kanban can’t load for Jira admin with private.

If you have any questions or need support, please contact us at the Support Desk.

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