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Releases Timeline Roadmap

The Release Timeline Roadmap feature shows the releases on the roadmap view.

To access it, click on the Releases timeline tab from the Routemap menu.

Access release timeline roadmap-20240215-084715.jpg

1. Adding releases

To add a new release to the roadmap, you can click on the empty space in the board or click on the Version button.


Then, you can select an existing release to add or create a new one with the following details:

  • Project

  • Release name

  • Description

  • Start date, End date

  • Bar color

In case you have already had versions available, you can select them from your project and add them to the Releases Timeline Roadmap.

2. Release details

After adding new releases, you can now work on their details.

There will be a bar on the roadmap, and it will show you General Info by clicking on it, such as:

  • Version name

  • Status

  • Start and End Date

  • Color

  • And a button for you to make a release when every task is completed.


Moreover, you can add issues to a version by switching to the Issues tab

Untitled design (9)-20240215-090628.jpg

You can either create new issues or use available ones in your projects for this version.


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