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Cloud 1.1.42-AC

It’s been a while since AgileBox’s last release. We are back with a brand new countdown timer for retrospective meetings. Let’s dive into the details:

New feature

  • Add countdown timer for retrospective meetings


  • Issue filter now applies to both UN-ESTIMATE and ESTIMATED columns in backlog

  • Real-time functions optimized for better performance

  • Real-time data cached on server for improved user experience

Bug Fixes

  • Real-time data loss upon server refresh resolved

  • Custom status of team-managed projects is now locatable

  • Minor bugs in Planning Poker / Retrospectives fixed

Help Center

Your contribution and insights are of significant importance to our organization. Should you find our application satisfactory, we'd appreciate it if you share your positive experience through a review, as this greatly supports our development endeavors. Conversely, if you encounter any dissatisfaction, we urge you to reach out to our support center for resolution before submitting a rating. We are highly receptive to providing assistance.

As our growth progresses, we invite you to impart your observations and experiences regarding the recent updates, particularly in relation to your project management endeavors. Your feedback is instrumental in our ongoing efforts to enhance and refine our services.

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