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Cloud 1.1.45-AC

Welcome to AgileBox! This release represents a significant milestone in our journey to enhance agile collaboration and productivity. We've refined our interface, and listened to your feedback to streamline your agile processes. Let's explore what's new in this exciting release!


  • New Planning Poker Interface: Engage in agile estimation with a completely redesigned, user-friendly interface that makes planning poker sessions seamless and productive.

  • Enhanced Retrospective Meetings: Simplified UI for retrospective meetings - Bring more insightful discussions and help you gather actionable feedback to drive continuous improvement for your project.

  • Streamlined Daily Standups: Kickstart your day effectively with our new daily standup UI, designed to keep your team aligned and focused on what matters most.

  • More Deck Cards Layout: Besides grid mode, deck cards can now also be viewed in spread mode, offering a broader perspective and enhanced experience in team decisions.

Bug Fixes

  • The issues disappeared after reloading the retrospective summary.

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