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App Settings

Standard Status Configuration

1. Default Statuses:

Todo and Done are the default statuses provided for managing tasks. These statuses cannot be deleted to maintain the integrity of the workflow.

Default Statuses.png

2. Adding Custom Statuses:

Click on "Add" to create new statuses as required by your business workflow.

Adding Custom Statuses.png

Some common examples of standard statuses that can be used to effectively manage a project's workflow:

  • In Progress: Tasks that are currently being worked on.

  • On Hold: Tasks that are temporarily paused due to external dependencies or awaiting further information.

  • Review: Tasks that have been completed but require confirmation or approval before they can be marked as done.

  • Approved: Tasks that have passed the review stage and are confirmed to meet the required standards or objectives.

  • Blocked: Tasks that cannot progress due to internal or external blockers.

Working capacity setting

The working capacity setting defines the maximum number of hours a member can work in a day, ensuring workload management aligns with human resource capabilities.

1. Default Work Hours:

The system sets a default working capacity that applies to all members who do not have a specific capacity scheme assigned. This default setting helps standardize the expected work hours across the team.

Default Work Hours.png

2. Creating a New Capacity Scheme:

  • Click on "Add working hours" to create a new capacity scheme

  • Configure Scheme Details:

    • Name: Give a unique name to the new capacity scheme.

    • Working Capacity: Specify the number of hours the assigned member(s) can work under this scheme.

    • Assignees: Select the team members who this capacity scheme applies to.

    • Description: Provide a brief description of the capacity scheme for clarity and reference.

  • Click "Create" to save and implement the new working capacity scheme.

Creating a New Capacity Scheme.png

These settings provide the foundational structure for task tracking and resource allocation, making them indispensable for effective project management.

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