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Concepts of TeamBoard for Salesforce

TeamBoard for Salesforce (TBSF) is a work management platform that runs on Salesforce and is designed to help teams across all industries manage their work more efficiently. Here’s what TBSF offers:

  • Task/Requirements Management: You can organize tasks using task tables to manage requirements effectively.

  • Resource Planning: The TBSF Resource Scheduler helps you plan tasks for team members or project resources.

  • Project Management: Use tools like Gantt charts for scheduling, Kanban boards for task visualization, and resource scheduling to manage your projects.

  • Program & Portfolio Management: This feature helps you oversee multiple projects and programs within your organization.

  • Time Tracking & Timesheets Approval Workflow: Keep track of work hours and streamline the approval process for timesheets.

  • Vacation Approval Workflow: Manage and approve vacation requests within your team.

  • Reports: Generate various reports to monitor and analyze project performance and resource utilization.

Resource Scheduler View in WorkBoard.png

Word Board: Known as the core of TBSF, the Work Board is where you create and plan Work Items.

WorkZone: is a central place for all Word Board, the board can be arranged in Folder

Folder: is a directory to group Workboards

Work Item: The object introduced by TBSF to track and plan work. SF admin also can configure the app to plan other objects depending on unique business usage

  • Sub-item: It is certainly a work item but it has a lower level. Each work item can contain many sub-items. Meanwhile, a sub-item can change the parent and able to convert itself to a work item. NOTE: Work item is not supported at a lower level than sub-item.

Portfolio: is a collection of Work boards, it is useful when portfolio managers want to manage multiple boards, each board is organized as a project.

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