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Overview Page

The Overview page on TeamBoard is your central hub for a quick and detailed snapshot of both your project's overall status and your individual tasks and responsibilities. It's designed to boost productivity, simplify task management, and keep all team members on the same page with real-time updates.

Key Widgets on the Overview Page

  1. Assigned to Me:

    • Purpose: This widget helps you see at a glance all the tasks that are specifically assigned to you.

    • Benefits: It aids in prioritizing tasks, managing deadlines efficiently, and maintaining focus. Each task listed offers direct links to detailed views for further action and status updates, ensuring you're always prepared to drive tasks to completion.

  2. Created by Me:

    • Purpose: Displays a list of tasks that you have initiated or created within the project.

    • Benefits: Provides a clear view of the tasks you’re responsible for starting, allowing you to monitor their progress and stay on top of deadlines. This visibility fosters collaboration and accountability, making sure everyone knows who is responsible for each task.

  3. Scheduled Tasks Chart:

    • Purpose: Offers a graphical view of upcoming tasks and their respective deadlines.

    • Benefits: Helps in effectively visualizing the timeline of project tasks, making it easier to manage time and resources. This chart is essential for planning ahead and ensuring that no deadlines are missed.

  4. Worklogs Chart:

    • Purpose: Visualizes the distribution of worklogs across different tasks or the entire project.

    • Benefits: This interactive chart provides insights into how time and efforts are distributed amongst tasks, aiding in productivity analysis and resource optimization. Customizable filters allow you to drill down into specifics, offering actionable insights for project improvement.

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