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Reports are essential tools in project management for monitoring progress, resource allocation, and overall performance.


Creating a Report

  1. Click on the "Create Report" button

  2. Name Your Report: Enter a descriptive name for your report to easily identify it later.

  3. Choose Report Type: Select the type of report you wish to create, which could include task, time tracking, resource utilization, etc.

  4. Choose Columns: Select the data columns that you want to include in the report. These columns will define the information displayed and how it is organized.

  5. Add Filters or Groups:

    1. Filters: Apply filters to refine the data shown in the report. You must select at least one valid filter to generate a meaningful report. Filters might include date ranges, project status, specific team members, etc.

    2. + Group Filters: Add more group filters

Creating a Report.png

Managing Reports

Managing Reports.png

Lock Report:

Use this feature to prevent further edits or accidental modifications by locking the report settings.

Edit Report:

If you need to update or refine the report criteria, you can unlock and edit the report. This may involve adding new filters, changing the grouping, or adjusting the columns.

Export Report:

For further analysis or sharing outside of WorkBoard, you can export the report. Formats typically include CSV, PDF, or Excel. This allows for easy distribution and data manipulation.

Delete Report:

If a report is no longer needed, you can delete it to keep your reporting dashboard organized and focused only on relevant reports.

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