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Holiday Calendar Scheme


The Holiday Calendar Scheme is a new feature included in the application settings. It allows admins to manage and track holidays for teams and members in their workspace. This feature provides a centralized and organized system for recording and displaying holidays, making it easy for users to identify designated holiday days and plan their schedules accordingly.

A holiday calendar typically includes a list of predefined holidays that are categorized into two types: fixed holidays and floating holidays. It can include holidays specific to a country, or you have the flexibility to customize the calendar by adding additional holidays or personal days off. With the holiday calendar, you can create holiday calendar schemes that incorporate country holidays and custom holidays for users and teams. Additionally, our settings provide options to edit, duplicate, and delete the scheme.

Using a holiday calendar offers numerous benefits. It assists individuals and teams in planning their work schedules by ensuring awareness of upcoming holidays. This allows them to make necessary adjustments to their tasks and deadlines accordingly. Moreover, a holiday calendar facilitates resource allocation and project planning, enabling organizations to account for potential disruptions that may arise due to holidays.

📘 Instructions

To make use of the holiday calendar scheme, you must first access the application settings. There are four methods available to access these settings: through the Settings tab, the View settings button, the Admin section, or directly within the board settings. If you access the application settings from outside of the board, it is necessary to reload the page in order to apply the new settings to the board.

Holiday Calendar In Application Settings:

Once you have accessed the application settings, you can navigate to the Holiday Calendar Scheme option to begin editing and setting up the holiday calendar scheme for your teams and members. By default, users who are not assigned to any other calendar will be assigned to the default holiday calendar, which initially has 0 holidays. However, you have the flexibility to edit and customize it according to your specific requirements.

To create a new holiday calendar, simply click on the "New Holiday Calendar" button located at the top-right corner of the Holiday Calendar section. This action will prompt a pop-up modal where you can enter the necessary information for the new holiday calendar and proceed with its creation. When setting up each holiday calendar, you will need to provide details such as the name, badge color, description, and a list of holidays.

The list of holidays is divided into two types: fixed holidays and floating holidays. Fixed holidays refer to holidays that are observed on a specific, pre-determined date each year, while floating holidays are not tied to a particular date and are not repeated annually. You can add holidays to the calendar using the "Add New Holiday" function to include custom holidays or easily import country-specific holidays from the supported list. Custom holidays will be added to the floating holidays category, whereas country holidays will be added to fixed holidays by default.

After creating a holiday calendar for your members and teams, you can view the details of each calendar by clicking on it. This action will open a pop-up modal that displays all the information and specifics about the selected calendar. The modal will provide a comprehensive overview of the calendar's details.

For each calendar you can utilize several supported actions. To perform these actions, click on the options button located on the right side of the calendar. From there, you will have the ability to edit, duplicate, or delete the holiday calendar.

In the edit modal, the content remains the same as when creating a new holiday calendar. When editing a holiday calendar, you have the flexibility to update various components within the calendar. This includes modifying the calendar name, adjusting assignees, and updating the list of holidays as necessary. You are free to make the desired changes to customize the holiday calendar according to your specific requirements.

When you click on the duplicate button in the options menu, you will notice that a new holiday calendar is created, which is a duplication of the selected holiday calendar. The duplicate calendar will have the same name as the original calendar, with "(Duplicate)" appended to it. It will also inherit the same list of holidays as the original calendar but without any users or teams assigned to it. This makes it easier for you to edit the duplicate calendar and assign users or teams according to your requirements.

Before deleting a holiday calendar from your list of calendars, a pop-up message will appear to confirm if you truly want to delete the selected calendar. This serves as an additional precautionary measure to ensure that you do not accidentally delete a calendar.

Use Holiday Calendar Scheme In Your Board:

Holidays will be displayed above the date cells in your board as dots, with each dot's color corresponding to the calendar’s color it belongs to. When you hover over the dots, you will see the name of the holiday that appears on that particular date. Furthermore, each holiday will be set as a day off for all members. and teams who are assigned to the corresponding calendar.

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