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User Management

Managing App Admins and Application Access Restrictions

By managing permissions effectively, you can ensure the right users have appropriate access while maintaining control over your application settings. admin now have the ability to manage app admins and set application access restrictions.

Steps to Set Permissions

  1. Navigate to User Management:

    • Go to App Settings.

    • Select User Management.

Navigate to User Management.png
  1. Admin Permissions:

    • Admin: Has all permissions.

    • Grant App Admin Access:

      • A admin can grant a user app admin privileges.

  2. Add an App Admin:

    • Click Add.

    • Choose the user you want to make an app admin.

    • App admins have full permission to the app.

Navigate to User Management.png

Add an App Admin.png

  1. Application Access Restrictions:

Restrict users from accessing the TeamBoard app. Restricted users cannot access the TeamBoard app.

  • App Settings → User Management

  • Select the user to restrict.

Application Access Restrictions.png
  1. Board Access Restrictions:

    • Go to Board Settings.

    • Select the user to restrict.

Board Access Restrictions.png

Additional Permissions Information

For more details on permissions within , visit Permissions on

Important Notes

  • Cost Calculation: Restricting users from the app still includes them in the cost of TeamBoard (cost is based on the number of users).

  • Item Permissions: Permissions are based on roles and permissions.

  • Restricted Users: While restricted from TeamBoard, these users can still interact with the data on the main table within

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