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Work Capacity Scheme

The purpose of this paper is to introduce the Application Settings with Work Capacity Scheme on the Teamboard. Additionally, it provides guidelines and instructions on how to access the application settings and how to apply the work capacity scheme to all the boards that use Team Board in your workspace.


The Work Capacity Scheme is a new setting that we support in the application settings, allowing you to set up and customize the scheme for users and teams in your workspace. By default, the application uses a manual scheme that utilizes the default working capacity set in the board settings for each day of the week. This manual scheme is specific to each board.

The Work Capacity Scheme, on the other hand, affects all boards in your workspace that use the application. With this scheme, you have the ability to create a custom scheme for users and teams, specifying custom working hours for each day and assigning them accordingly. Additionally, our settings provide options to edit, duplicate, and delete the scheme.

📘 Instructions

Firstly, to utilize the work capacity scheme, you need to access the application settings. There are three methods to access these settings: through the Settings tab, the View settings button, or the Admin section.

Access Application Settings:

  1. Settings tab:

The Settings tab will be visible on the app's listing page when accessed through the "Installed apps" screen. To access this screen, open the app marketplace and click on "Installed apps" located in the top right corner of the modal. It's important to note that the tab will not be visible if the app is accessed from a different screen.

  1. View settings button:

When you open our Teamboard on your board, you can access the "View Settings" by clicking on the settings icon (⚙︎). From there, you can select "Go to app settings" to be redirected to the Settings tab on the app listing page.

  1. Admin section:

Another way to access the Settings tab is by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner. From there, click on "Administration" and then "Apps". This will display a list of all the apps currently installed on your account. Locate the specific app you wish to open, select the three dots (...), and click on "Settings" to be redirected to the Settings tab.


Work Capacity Scheme In Application Settings:

By default, all users and teams will be assigned to the Default Scheme, which has a default working hour of 8 hours per day from Monday to Friday. However, you have the flexibility to customize the Default Scheme to suit your needs. The Default Scheme will apply to all users and teams that are not assigned to any other scheme. If a user is assigned to a custom scheme, they will use that custom scheme instead of the Default Scheme.

To create a new scheme, simply click on the "New Scheme" button located in the top-right corner of the Work Capacity section. This action will trigger a pop-up modal where you can enter the information for the new scheme and proceed with its creation.

Once you have created a custom scheme to suit your users and teams, you can utilize several supported actions. To perform these actions, click on the options button located on the right side of the scheme. From there, you will have the ability to edit the scheme, duplicate the scheme, or delete the scheme.

Use Work Capacity Scheme In Your Board:

By default, your board does not apply the work capacity scheme from the application settings. If you wish to change the scheme for your board, you will need to make a few adjustments in your board settings.

To apply the work capacity from the application settings to your board, you need to change the daily work capacity setting from "manual" to "scheme" in your board settings. This adjustment enables the board to utilize the work capacity scheme defined in the application settings.

After customizing the schemes in the application settings, it is necessary to reload the board in order to apply the selected scheme. The board settings have been updated to include two options for the daily work capacity: manual and scheme.

In manual mode, the work capacity will set the default working hours per day for all days of the week. If the exclude days off option is enabled, Saturday and Sunday will be designated as days off with a working hour per day of 0.

With the scheme mode, the work capacity scheme defined in the application settings will be applied to your board.

Once you switch the daily work capacity to the scheme mode, the items and workloads in your board will calculate overtime and days off based on the work capacity schemes. You will notice that the scheme is applied to your board through a stripe pattern indicating the designated days off (with 0 working hours) that you have set in the scheme.

To check the work capacity of each user and team, simply hover over their respective cell and click on the calendar icon that appears at the top-right of the cell. This will provide you with detailed information about their work capacity.

After clicking on the calendar icon in the user or team cell, a pop-up modal will appear, showcasing the work capacity for that specific user or team in a week. This modal provides a comprehensive view of their work capacity, allowing you to review and analyze their assigned hours and days off.


Select a Special Capacity Scheme on the Scheduler Board

This new feature allows you to tailor the scheduler board according to different capacity requirements, making resource management more flexible and efficient.


Select a Special Capacity Scheme on the Scheduler Board.png


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