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1.4.2-AC Release notes

Release Notes Video

1. New features

1.1. Schedule one issue for multiple Resources

Assign an existing task to more other members.

1.2. Plan one issue many times

1.3. Plan issue dialog

Click or select a range of dates in calendar to open Plan Issue dialog. You can create new plan for an issue. The dialog allow you make multiple schedules and assign it to multiple users. You can choose existing issue or create a new issue then make plans for it.

2. Improvements

2.1. Search Issues

  • Change UNPLANNED ISSUES box → SEARCH ISSUES box. The new board supports schedule one issue many times, so SEARCH ISSUES box will allow user to search any issues with any statuses.

  • More fields to filter

    • Sprint

    • Release version

    • Planned / Unplanned

  • Combine search by issue key and keyword into one filter field.

2.2. Resource

Add Members configuration into Resource tab. Allow to manage members and drag members to groups.

2.2. Small improvements

  • Remove Holiday option when register Time off

Holiday setting feature will be supported in the next release.

  • Improve performance of schedule board.

3. Bug fixes

  • Security issue regarding access from Jira Service Desk’s anonymous user

  • Bug of missing task name when edit timelog

  • Bug of listing users include users from Jira Service Desk in adding member list.

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