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1.4.4-AC Release notes

Demo Video

1. New features

1.1 Teams

  • Go to Teams Page to manage Teams.

  • Click Create a new team , fill in your team’s name, then add your members.

Use member’s name to search them.

  • Check box My teams for the teams having you in member list.

1.2 Schedule for Teams

In Teams Page, click Go To Board to open Team Schedule board.

  • In the Team Schedule board, you can planning task for your members across all projects you have the permission.

  • Timelog allow you log time for daily tasks

  • And view timelog of other members

2. Improvements

2.1 Add Group to filter in Report

2.2 Hide tabs menu into hamburger menu

  • Hide & show tabs menu

  • Hamburger menu

3. Bug fixes

  • Planned tasks disappear after reload.

  • TeamBoard right panel in issue detail did not work well in some cases

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