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1.4.58-AC Release notes

We're pleased to present TeamBoard ProScheduler - Project Management, Resource Planning and Gantt Chart for Jira V1.4.58-AC

New features:

Basic Filter

Basic filter by statuses, issue types, and priorities on the Schedule tab.

Highlight overdue tasks

Add an option to highlight overdue tasks on Timeline, Schedule, and Gantt.


  • Sync the order of issue cards between the Timelog and Schedule tabs.

  • Sync the order of members between the Schedule and Resource tabs.

  • Improve the display of duration on the Gantt chart.

  • Display events that are scheduled earlier at the top of the day.

Bug fixes:

  • Unable to perform any action after resizing a non-permission task.

  • Child issues are not placed under parent issues on the Gantt chart.

  • The project filter in the issue box does not function correctly.

  • Events do not appear in chronological order.

  • Schedule tab: Displays an incorrect number of weeks.

  • Normal users can edit, delete and add members to any team.

  • The unplanned filter is not functioning properly.

  • The feature to mark non-working days in the View settings does not work on holidays.

  • It is possible to plan tasks for more than 24 hours in a day.

  • Two working capacities are set by default.

  • Unable to load all projects on the general page.

  • Task cards show the wrong scheduled hours after logging time.

  • The tooltip shows the wrong planned hours when planning tasks on weekends.

Help Center

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