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1.4.59-AC Release notes

We're pleased to present TeamBoard ProScheduler - Project Management, Resource Planning and Gantt Chart for Jira V1.4.59-AC

New features:

Multi-Card Management

Supports selecting and moving multiple cards on the scheduler.

For Mac: Command + Click to select an additional card and move it.

For Windows: Control + Click to select an additional card and move it

Bulk actions on the scheduler.

Allow users to apply certain actions to multiple tasks at once

  • Change the color of multiple tasks.

  • Assign multiple tasks to a user.

  • Supports unplanning multiple tasks.


  • Allows drag-and-drop functionality even when the filter is ON in Gantt.

  • Detect all planned tasks and migrate them to Jira issues.

  • Allow app admins to edit a team.

  • Improve the basic filter on the scheduler.

  • Improvements to the dark mode user interface.

Bug fixes

  • JQL for unplanned issues working improperly

  • The task displays an invalid date on the timeline or Gantt chart

  • The overload background on the scheduler displays incorrectly.

  • UI bugs in holiday setting and calendar board.

  • Repeated holidays do not have a dark pattern.

  • The auto assignee field feature still functions even if the feature is OFF.

  • Non-stop loading when planning a task is NOT permission.

  • The task automatically changes color after editing planning hour

Help Center

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