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1.4.60-AC Release notes

Hope you're having an amazing time with your loved ones! 🎉 Wishing you the merriest Christmas and a fantastic New Year ahead. When you're back from all the festive fun, be sure to check out the coolest updates in the latest release from ProScheduler. We've got some exciting stuff waiting for you!

Cheers to a wonderful holiday and an even more awesome year ahead! 🌟🎁

We're excited to introduce TeamBoard ProScheduler - Project Management, Resource Planning and Gantt Chart for Jira V1.4.60-AC

New features:

Gantt/Timeline dependencies

Mapping Gantt/Timeline dependencies with Issue Links.

The new Gantt/Timeline view allows you to visually map out dependencies between tasks. This feature is seamlessly integrated with Issue Links.

Custom capacity time

This feature allows for the input of custom capacity times. This means you can now precisely set the working hours for part-time employees, tailored to their specific contract percentages and working patterns.

Example: For a part-time employee working an 80% schedule, you can accurately set their daily capacity to align with their actual working hours, ensuring more accurate resource planning and allocation.


  • Improve auto-scheduling performance on Gantt.

  • Add a description column to customize the color name.

  • Sort issues by Status in Timeline and Gantt.

  • Make the event color setting the same as task's

Bug fixes

  • Scale down the browser leads to UI errors in Timeline and Gantt chart.

  • The calendar not displaying correctly the assigned resource.

  • Repeated holidays are not displayed with a red dot

  • Summary is not visible in the ticket which has a short duration.

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