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1.4.63-AC Release notes

We're pleased to present TeamBoard ProScheduler - Project Management, Resource Planning and Gantt Chart for Jira V1.4.63-AC

Version 1.4.63-AC.jpg

New features:

Add a Half-Day Public Holiday

Offers the option to mark half-day public holidays in project calendars

If Your company observes a half-day off for a local holiday. You can adjust the project calendar to reflect this half-day, ensuring accurate work hour calculations without overestimating time off.

Add a Half-Day Public Holiday.gif

Planning History - Changes Log

Keeps a detailed record of all changes made to the project schedule

Throughout the project, many adjustments are made to task deadlines. The Planning History logs who made each change and when, allowing for easy tracking and analysis of how changes impact the project timeline.

Planning History - Changes Log.gif


  • Enable viewing of planned tasks from the past 5 years.

  • Add additional columns to reports.

  • Introduce an "Expand all plans” button to Expand all Child Issues and Tasks in the Gantt chart.

  • Calculate the "Under Time" for each day to calculate overtime correctly.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where programs with more than 50 projects could not be loaded/found.

  • Resolved the issue where the Gantt chart lost its structure after moving across different tabs.

  • Fixed the problem where notes could not be added on the right panel on the first attempt.

  • Corrected the disappearing auto-scheduling line after tab changes.

  • Addressed the ability to create time off on holidays.

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