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3.1.0 Release notes

1. Workload View

  • Workload View shows the big picture of resource utilization

① Open workload view

② Empty workload

③ Still not enough workload

④ Full workload

⑤ Over workload

① Expand to see task schedule

② Click on the cell to plan more task

③ Drag/drop and resize the card to schedule tasks

2. Timelog improvement

  • UI

① Expand and collapse detail timelog cards

② Full timelog

③ Over working capacity

④ Under working capacity

⑤ Empty timelog

⑥ Planned tasks are shown as recommendation to log time.

  • Jira Time Tracking integration

TeamBoard Timelog integrates with Jira Time Tracking, so issue’s work log is shown on Timelog.

You need enable Jira Time Tracking to use Timelog feature in TeamBoard. (please ask your Jira admin)

In case your Jira Time Tracking is inactive, TeamBoad shows you the message.

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