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3.2.0 Release notes

1. Full Screen mode

screen in tab menu mode

screen in tab mode

screen in hamburger menu mode

① Open full screen

② Exit full screen

2. TeamBoard Schedule panel in Jira issue

① Schedule list

② Edit schedule

③ Delete schedule

④ Add schedule

⑤ Fill in name to search member you want to schedule for

⑥ Submit schedule

3. Add working capacity in report

① Report options

② Working capacity pillar on graph

③ Working capacity summary

4. Add JQL search to issue box in project board

5. Support Business and Service Management project type

Now you can use TeamBoard for Business and Service Management project type as well.

6. Improvement and bug fixes

  • Hide completed sprint and release as default in issue box’s filter

① Status tag label is added in Sprint & Version filter fields. Click on tag label to change the status.

② Fill in keyword for sprint or version you are looking for

  • Showing Jira assignee on issue cards in issues box


① Jira issue’s assignee

  • Bug fixes

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