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5.0.0 Release notes

  • No more loading time, the Gantt now can load instantly for all size of projects. Compare to Jira Advanced Roadmaps which only supports 5000 issues and other Gantt tools limit to couple of thousand of issues, ProScheduler has no limit.

However when using filter if the parent tasks are filtered out, all their child tasks will be hidden.

We will provide no-hierarchy mode in the next release so you can filter all tasks without the dependencies.

New features

  • Gantt chart: support hierarchy of Issue Type above Epic in Jira Premium

  • Filter in Resource Scheduler

  • Option to enable/disable lazy load for Gantt Issues table

  • No hierarchy mode for Gantt issues table: useful in case you want to filter regardless the parent-child relationships

  • Allow editing Hours/day on timeline: available for a single task or date fields are mapped to Jira

  • Display all logged time in Report

Bug fixes

  • Timeoff showing on schedule view but not in timelog view

  • Setting disappears partially after refreshing page

  • Scheduled hour should be added up on timelog

  • Improve the assignees list box in Gantt issue list

  • Disable "Update" button when user can't update time off for another member

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