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5.1.0 Release notes

New features

  • Scheduler view preferences: allow users to control of which fields appear on the card in the scheduler

  • Make leave type customizable: not limited to “Paid holiday”, “Unpaid holiday” or “Sick leave” you can now edit, remove or add more leave types.


  • Calculate the capacity In Report

  • Save the state of the view options: you can see the same view everywhere since you last use

  • Default color button

  • UI improvements

  • Jira 9.0 update

Bug fixes

  • Resources are not saved for non-project admin user

  • Timelog hangs if user tries to delete a deleted timelog

  • Task is missed in report when task’s date range is not between view’s date range

  • Non-admin users cannot raise timeoff on timelog tab of program and team

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