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6.0.0 Release notes

New features

  • Auto-scheduling is now available: tasks will be automatically adjusted based on the dependencies on Gantt. The feature is configurable you can disable it in App settings

  • Sync with Jira fields: “Origin estimate” and “Time remaining”: Your changes in Proscheduler will update those fields in Jira, you can turn off the sync using a setting

  • Add more statistic info to issue the right panel

  • Make the color of the Timeoff card customizable: Instead of the default color you can now change the color of the timeoff card on the scheduler

  • Default filter: now you can mark a quick filter as default. A default filter is turned ON and can’t be turned OFF by users.

  • Allow select/deselect all projects when configuring ProScheduler usage for project

  • Plan card tooltip shows details of the issue and its time related statistics

Bug fixes

  • Jump search doesn't work with issue key

  • Switching between days and weeks view doesn't retain current data

  • Wrong status workflow

  • Can't unplan deleted tasks

  • Report page performance improvement

  • Can't unplan deleted tasks

  • Right click to 1 day issue in Timeline should open the menu

  • Show full summary with tooltip when hovering on the card

  • Long group name is overlapped

  • In custom view, date is overlapped partially when using this format

  • Due date on timeline is hidden partially when setting date greater than 20

  • Removed task doesn’t reappear when mapping and migrate again

  • Cannot add newly added member to a group

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