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7.2.0 Release notes

New Features:

  • Configuration for color schema

  • App setting: Default schedule hour

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Enhanced dashboard settings

  • Improved worklog loading

  • Enhanced help box

  • Fix bug with hierarchy on Gantt

  • Resolved issue of incorrect Original estimate‚Äôs value display on Team and Program

  • Fixed bug where issues could not be loaded after accessing the project/ program/ team tab

  • Resolved issue where admin was unable to remove an event

  • Fixed issue where Gantt did not show newly imported tickets like on Timeline

  • Resolved incorrect date issue during planning

  • Fixed issue where Jump search did not work with the issue key in lowercase letters

  • Fixed issue where holidays could not be imported

  • Fixed issue where hours/day value could not be removed

  • Resolved issue where Jira's Worklog was not calculated on the Report

  • Fixed bug where the progress auto field was showing incorrect values

  • Resolved issue where the search box was not working on the program board

  • Fixed issue where the project tab was missing on the exported file

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