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8.0.0 Release notes

New Features

New schedule board

  • New schedule board with improved UI and performance


  • Save the current positions of cards in the scheduler.

  • Enhance loading performance for the Projects page.

  • Improve jump search functionality.

  • Improve performance and develop a new UI for the scheduler board.

  • Configurable color synchronization for tasks with the same key.

  • Drag and drop functionality for member rows.

  • Enhanced view of long task details.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • The holiday tooltips on the calendar didn’t show up when hovering the red dots.

  • The color schema doesn’t work correctly.

  • The issue disappears when dragging it after planning from the issue box.

  • Missing label on timelog/schedule when the issue is deleted and the project has a field map configuration.

  • The progress setting reverts back to 'Default' after migrating date fields

  • Prevent users from finding stories in projects that haven't been added.

  • Issue with holidays in new schedules.

  • Deleted ticket displays "Issue not found" message.

  • Sorting issue in Gantt chart.

  • Event not displaying with proper alignment.

  • Fixed the 0h planning issue.

  • "Time off" now aligns with the “default scheduled hour” setting.

  • Schedule view doesn't automatically update after creating or deleting a time off.

  • Resolved the issue of fetching scheduled tasks in the Report view.

  • The "Change status" function is unresponsive with a right-click.

  • Corrected the date format inconsistency with the setting.

  • Tooltips don't display correctly for issues with extended date lengths.

  • The Team board's time log displays both mapped and non-mapped issues.

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