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9.0.0 Release notes

New Features

Calendar view

Now, you can see all your tasks, events, and days off in one place. Whether you prefer a daily, weekly, or monthly overview, it’s all here to help managers keep track of everything at a glance.

Export calendar events to the ICS feed

Need to sync with your calendar? Easily export your calendar events to an ICS feed! Export and Import your schedule to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple, etc...

Export calendar events to the ICS feed.png

Multi-Card Management

Supports selecting and moving multiple cards on the scheduler.

For Mac: Command + Click to select an additional card and move it.

For Windows: Control + Click to select an additional card and move it

Screen Shot 2023-12-06 at 13.23.48.png

Adding notes to the plan

This feature allows users to add detailed notes directly to their plans.

This functionality facilitates better documentation and communication within teams, providing a seamless way to include important annotations, reminders, or instructions alongside plan items

Adding notes to the plan.png

Mapping Gantt/Timeline dependencies with Issue Links.

The new Gantt/Timeline view allows you to visually map out dependencies between tasks. This feature is seamlessly integrated with Issue Links.

Planning History - Changes Log

Keeps a detailed record of all changes made to the project schedule

Throughout the project, many adjustments are made to task deadlines. The Planning History logs who made each change and when, allowing for easy tracking and analysis of how changes impact the project timeline.

Planning History - Changes Log.gif


  • Restrict planning to no more than 24 hours per day for a single task.

  • Support planning for time off in the schedule.

  • Synchronize the order of issue cards between the Timelog and Schedule tabs.

  • Synchronize the order of members between the Schedule and Resource tabs.

  • Allow drag-and-drop functionality even when the filter is ON in the Gantt view.

  • Detect all planned tasks and migrate them to Jira issues.

  • Add color schemes, as defined in the settings, to the 'Change Color' context menu.

  • Introduce an "Expand All Plans" button to expand all child issues and tasks in the Gantt chart.

  • Calculate the "Under Time" for each day to accurately determine overtime.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Display the Sprint Jira field in the Timeline/Gantt chart.

  • Enable data migration from Teamboard's app data to Jira.

  • Ensure the hierarchy structure displays correctly in the Timeline and Gantt chart.

  • Prevent any action from being performed after resizing a non-permissible task.

  • Ensure it is not possible to plan tasks for more than 24 hours in a day.

  • Fix improper functioning of JQL for unplanned issues.

  • Ensure the auto-assignee field feature remains inactive when the feature is OFF.

  • Prevent task color from automatically changing after editing planning hours.

  • Prevent users from entering '0' as the default scheduled hour.

  • Reduce multiple calls to the work log API in the right panel.

  • Fix the issue where programs with more than 50 projects could not be loaded/found.

  • Resolve the issue where the Gantt chart lost its structure after moving across different tabs.

  • Correct the disappearing auto-scheduling line after tab changes.

  • Ensure Gantt settings are saved after migrating the hierarchy structure.

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