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Capacity and Scheduled Hours

What is the Resource Capacity?

Resource Capacity is the maximum amount of work, tasks, or projects that a particular resource can handle over a specified period. It represents the highest level of output a resource is capable of delivering. The unit of resource capacity can be in hours, FTE (Full-Time Equivalent), persons, days, etc.

What is the Scheduled Hours?

Scheduled Hours refer to the amount of time planned for a resource's tasks. The default Scheduled Hours are set to 8 hours per day, but an Admin can modify this in the settings.

Default Scheduled Hours Setting

To set the default scheduled hours (hours/day), go to App Settings → Default Scheduled Hour.

Scheduled Default Hours Setting.png

These hours can be adjusted when planning a task or by resizing the task card.

Capacity Hours Setting

To access Capacity settings go to AppsTeamBoard ProSchedulerSettingsWorking capacity

Jira admin can update the working capacity. Other members can only view the working capacity.

Edit capacity scheme

  • Go to Working Capacity , click the Edit icon to edit the existing working capacity schemes.

Create a new capacity scheme

  • Click + New Capacity Scheme button to create new capacity scheme


Assign working capacity scheme to resources

Select a capacity scheme and check the Resource panel on the right. Search for a member and add them to the scheme.

Default capacity scheme

Default working capacity scheme will be applied to all resources who are not assigned to any working capacity schemes. There is only one default scheme overall the app, to mark a scheme as default click on the Set as default icon

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