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Overview of Scheduling Board

Schedule View

The Resource Scheduling Board is designed to manage the allocation of resources over time. It effectively visualizes the availability and utilization of resources and offers tools for assigning tasks appropriately. This ensures efficient and effective use of resources.

To see a list of resources and their assigned tasks, access the 'Schedule' tab on the ProScheduler board.

Schedule View.png

  1. List Resources: View resources individually or by groups.

  2. Filtering: Apply filters to display specific members or groups.

  3. Current Date Navigation: Quickly navigate to today's date.

  4. Time Frame Selection: Choose to view schedules by days or weeks.

    1. Days mode: Provide a short-term view of resource allocation which helps managers utilize all of the member works. Managers easily identify some potential conflicts or unexpected events in order to adjust resource allocation by rescheduling their tasks.

    2. Weeks mode: Visualize a vision of a long-term plan for all resources within several weeks which provides managers gain a clear roadmap for setting objectives and allocating resources effectively, ensuring optimal utilization of available resources.

  5. Workload Overview: Get a clear view of resource workloads.

  6. Advanced Filtering: Utilize quick or basic filters for refined search.

  7. Jump Search: Quickly find specific items using jump search.

  8. Issue Box: All issues are compiled in the project.

    1. Basic search

    2. JQL (Jira Query Language) Search

  9. Refresh Page: Update the board with the latest data.

  10. Full-Screen Mode: Expand the view for better visibility.

  11. View Settings: Customize the appearance of the schedule view.

  12. Board Settings: Adjust board configurations as needed.

  13. Today Line: A marker for the current day.

  14. Overload Indicator: Highlights overload days.

  15. Zero Capacity: Identifies days with no available capacity.

  16. Holiday: Holidays are indicated on the scheduling board with a red dot. Hovering the cursor over them will display the details

Holiday on Schedule Board.png

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